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Spotlight wasn't just founded as a choice; it emerged from a sense of necessity, driven by several compelling reasons that reflect its vision for a transformative business landscape.

Firstly, there was a clear demand for an agency that genuinely understood diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as both a critical people issue and a strategic business imperative. Spotlight sees DEI not as a checkbox but as an ongoing evolution essential to organizational growth.

Secondly, it was created to establish the kind of company where its founders themselves had dreamed of working—a place where DEI was embedded in its very DNA. Spotlight aimed to embody the principles it advocated, nurturing an environment that was safe, compassionate, and boldly ambitious.

And the most compelling reason of all: Spotlight was established with the hope that one day, such an agency might no longer be needed. Its ultimate goal is to help build a world so inclusive and equitable that its services become obsolete. This purpose underscores the urgency and passion that sparked the creation of Spotlight.

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Let's finally get concrete about fostering D&I in our workplaces, rather than just talking about it or implementing tick-the-box measures that lead nowhere.

  • Yevgeniya Averhed


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    Hi, I'm Yevgeniya. The idea behind Spotlight was born out of frustration, both as an employer and as a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) expert. As an employer, I often found myself inspired by conferences and training sessions on D&I, yet struggled to translate that inspiration into actionable practices. Similarly, as a D&I expert, I frequently received assignments to develop policies without the necessary analysis, data, or understanding of the company's specific needs. While conducting numerous training sessions and delivering speeches, I grew weary of seeing how little tangible progress this "ticking the boxes" approach generated. It is a clear dissonance with how we approach other aspects of business, such as financials or product development.

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